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Anti hail nets for car parks

Fine-meshed nets made from knitted UV stabilised polyethylene monofilament. Provided with reinforced selvedge. Rectangular meshes, 6mm x 7mm.
Application: protecting cars against hail damage.

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  • Anti hail nets for car parks Netten
  • Anti hail nets for car parks Netten
Quotation requestArticle codeWeightDimensionsCuttingColourTechnical data sheet
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46 g/m²
2.00m x 100m
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46 g/m²
3.00m x 100m
(go to request) 81456..
46 g/m²
4.00m x 100m
(go to request) 81457..
46 g/m²
5.00m x 100m
(go to request) 81458..
46 g/m²
6.00m x 100m

Stainless steel wire ropes are strung over the area to be covered at an interval of maximum 0.85 times the width of the nets. The wire ropes are supported at least every 10 metres and firmly anchored at the ends.
The mesh nets are suspended symmetrically on top of the wire ropes and fixed to the wire ropes at least once every metre lengthwise by means of ridge clamps. The nets are interconnected by means of corridor clips at approx. 60cm intervals. The clips should not be too close to each other so that the hail can easily fall between the nets.
To prevent snow loads, the clips need to be removed in winter.

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