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Fall arrest nets

Safety nets in accordance with the standard EN 1263-1 type S.
Material: knotless high-tenacity polypropylene; yarn thickness: 5mm. Border rope: Ø 11mm. Reinforced rope edging, minimum breaking strength: 30kN.
The fall arrest safety nets are made to measure. Nets with standard dimensions are available from stock.

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Quotation requestArticle codeDimensionsColourTechnical data sheet
Mesh size: 100mm (class A2)
(go to request) 11503..
6.00m x 6.00m
(go to request) 11504..
6.00m x 10.00m
(go to request) 11509..
7.50m x 7.50m
(go to request) 11514..
10.00m x 10.00m
(go to request) 11518..
12.50m x 12.50m
(go to request) 11520..
12.50m x 21.00m
(go to request) 11500..
any dimensions
Mesh size: 60mm (class B1)
(go to request) 11530..
any dimensions
Mesh size: 45mm (class B1)
(go to request) 11540..
any dimensions

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