The Duranet lightweight fly net is a unique product:

  • It provides excellent protection against cabbage root fly, carrot fly, leaf-miner fly and caterpillars, and weighs about 50% less than conventional insect protection nets;
  • The net’s low weight of just 45g/m² ensures that crop growth is not hindered;
  • Thanks to their fine mesh structure, the nets are water-repellent and rainfall does not make them heavier;
  • Thanks to its ultrafine yarns, the mesh combines optimum translucency with good air circulation;
  • Knitted quality, easy to cut without fraying;
  • The mesh has been stabilised against ageing from sunlight so that it can be used for several years.

The Duranet lightweight fly net is available in rolls with a length of 125m and a width of 2.40m, 4.80m, 8.00m or 12.00m. Other sizes can be provided on request.